Lib Dems attack 'another review into ambulance service'

Welsh Liberal Democrats have criticised the Health Minister's announcement of a comprehensive review of the Welsh Ambulance Service. Lib Dem leader Kirsty Williams said:

This will be the ninth review in six years. I have no confidence that the Health Minister will be able to ensure that the people of Wales will have an ambulance service that meets the needs of the population.

The Ambulance service is doing a very difficult job and that is exacerbated by the incompetence of Labour’s poor handling of our health service.

It is shameful that our Ambulance Trust has had to wait eight months before it was given a final budget. People across Wales, in all walks of life, will know that organisations, however big or small, cannot work to the best of their potential if they do not have a set budget. It beggars belief that the only people who don’t understand this is the Welsh Labour Government. Once again the Welsh Labour Government is getting the basics wrong.