Fracking go ahead?

Campaigners have raised fears that the Government is poised to give the green light to pushing ahead with controversial shale gas exploration in the UK. The Vale of Glamorgan is considering introducing the process.

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WWF Cymru: "There is still considerable uncertainty over whether shale gas is viable to extract"

Despite all the hype, there is still considerable uncertainty as to how much shale gas is in the ground and whether it will be socially, environmentally or economically viable to extract.

Gas has been the main cause of hikes in people’s bills over the past decade and gas prices are expected to continue to rise.

Wales must join with the whole of the UK in playing our part in reducing use of fossil fuels so as to ward off the worst effects of climate change.

This means we have to be prepared to wean ourselves off coal, oil and gas and do more to gain the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The good news is that the green economy is a booming sector with huge opportunities for job creation.


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