Emergency landing in Cardiff

Cardiff Airport has confirmed it has dealt with an emergency landing of a BA flight at 10.40am this morning.

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BA confirm flight diverted to Cardiff

British Airways this morning confirmed that one of their 747 aircraft with around 140 passengers on board had been diverted to Cardiff.

One of our aircraft has landed in Cardiff as a precaution. It was flying from Houston to Heathrow and diverted to Cardiff because of an indication of a potential minor technical problem. It landed normally. Our engineers are now assessing the fault. They are hoping to take off again shortly but health and safety is our mantra so if there is any indication of a possible problem we will want to check it first.

– British Airways spokeswoman

The spokeswoman said she had no information on a suggestion from people working around the airport that the incident had been caused by reports of smoke in the cabin. She said her team were still speaking to engineers

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