Veterans 'struggling' as civilians

Better support should be provided for ex-servicemen and women when they enter civilian life, according to the findings of a report.

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'One-stop shops' for veterans could help

One of the key recommendations from the report is the establishment of 'one-stop-shops' that would help provide veterans with information and support when they return to civilian life.

We should not be making it harder for people who have served their country in the ultimate way - putting their lives on the line - to access the services and support they need and deserve. For the same reasons, we must ensure that all services, no matter who is providing them, are provided efficiently and to the highest standard.

– David Davies MP, Chair of the Committee

The Welsh Government says it welcomes the report.

The Welsh Government is already making progress in delivering real improvements on the issues raised in the report. It is important that this continues and that those who have served their country do not suffer any disadvantage when they access public services.

– Welsh Government spokesperson

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