North Wales Police warning over 'Pink Love' drugs

North Wales Police have issued a warning over the dangers of taking illegal drugs after two young people from Anglesey fell ill after taking a drug known as 'Pink Love'.

A similar warning as given recently about the danger of taking a drug called 'Green Apples', after the death of a man from Anglesey.

Both the pink heart shaped Pink Love and Green Apple tablets are being used by party goers and I want to make it very clear that the consequences of taking these tablets can be fatal”

If you have been given or have bought these drugs please do not take them, I ask that you hand them into the Police so that they can be destroyed properly and safely.

– Acting Chief Inspector, Simon Barrasford, North Wales Police

North Wales Police are asking anyone with information about those who use or supply 'Pink Love' or 'Green Apple' drugs to contact them on 101.