Cardiff Uni animal testing demo

Protests are being held over Cardiff University's record of experimentation on animals for research. Information released under the Freedom of Information Act revealed more than 50,000 animals were used for research there in 2011.

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Protest against animal experiments at Cardiff University

Protests will be held outside Cardiff University today, against the institution's record when it comes to experimenting on animals.

The most recent figures obtained under a Freedom of Information request show that, in 2011, 51,826 animals were used for testing - 43,912 were mice.

Campaign group Animal Aid, one of the organisers of the demonstration, has described recent cancer research involving genetically altering mice as "agonisingly cruel and medically useless."

A petition against animal experimentation written by the other organisers, Cardiff Animal Network and Cardiff Animal Rights, gathered 2,000 signatures around in Cardiff in a day.

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