Regions reject WRU talks

The group representing Wales' four regions, Regional Rugby Wales, has refused talks with the WRU, and said it is looking to take the disagreement to independent arbitration.

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WRU attacks regions over player sales

Elsewhere in today's statement, the WRU accuses the regional clubs of not providing a "meaningful response" to its proposal for centrally contracting Welsh qualified regional players.

It also comments on player transfers.

The WRU accepts that some elite players will inevitably seek to leave Wales to achieve contractual incomes which are beyond the capacity of the current game in Wales.

The WRU funds the Regions to secure the release of those elite contracted players with an annual sum in excess of £6million. This £6 million is part of the £15 million distributed to the Regions annually by the WRU.

The WRU urges the Regions to abandon the practice of selling Welsh qualified senior players for profit before their contracts are concluded.

The WRU further urges all four Regions to inform other regions and the WRU, as a first priority, when they are seeking to sell or release any elite Welsh qualified player.

– WRU statement

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