More time to bury dead livestock

The relaxation of laws that prevent farmers burying their livestock on their land is to be extended for a further week. Farmers called for the change to help them deal with the deaths of hundreds of animals following heavy snow.

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Burial rule relaxation is a 'small step forward'

The Farmers' Union of Wales has welcomed the relaxation of rules banning the burial or animals on farms as a 'step towards common sense.'

But the Union criticised the announcement that restrictions will come back into force in a weeks time.

EU Regulations require farmers to pay collectors to remove and dispose of fallen stock.

We welcome this concession but have highlighted the fact that it does not cover all those who have been worst affected by the severe weather.

Many have lost hundreds of animals and tens of thousands of pounds, requiring them to pay further thousands to have dead animals removed because they cannot meet very strict guidelines.

We have urged the Welsh Government to take this into account and to apply the derogation for all areas of Wales which are affected.

– Emyr Jones, FUW president

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