Hairdressers' role on dementia

It is currently Dementia Awareness Week. There are an estimated 45,000 people in Wales with dementia. Hairdressers in Gwent are being encouraged to follow one salon's example by raising the issue of dementia with their older customers.

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Dementia Awareness Week aims to get people talking

It is currently Dementia Awareness Week, running between 19 and 25 May this year.

Alzheimer's Society says it simply wants to get people talking about dementia.

It is using the hashtag #TalkDementia on Twitter, as part of the campaign.

This wordcloud shows what people are saying using the hashtag #TalkDementia on Twitter. Credit: Alzheimer's Society

The charity has an online forum for people to talk to others about dementia and tips about how to raise awareness.

It has also launched 'Five things you should know about dementia': it is not a natural part of ageing; it's caused by diseases of the brain; it's not just about losing your memory; it's possible to live well with dementia; and there's more to a person than dementia.

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