Fire crews deal with two car fires in Cardiff

The incidents took place on Taff Terrance and neighbouring Abercynon Street Credit: ITV News / Andy Collinson

Police and fire crews were called to the Grangetown area of Cardiff in the early hours of this morning after two cars were found on fire.

The incidents happened just before 3am. They involved vehicles parked in Taff Terrace and the neighbouring Abercynon Street.

A local resident said: "I was woken up by some loud banging noises. A few minutes later the same thing happened again."

"The fire crews were here within a few minutes and quickly put out both fires."

"The cars affected both seemed to be fairly old."

Police officers were seen to be patrolling neighboring streets and lanes after the fires were reported.

The incidents took place at around 3am this morning Credit: ITV News / Andy Collinson