Health shake-up announced

A consultation has been launched on the future of some major health services in south and south-east Wales. They include A&E care, maternity, neo-natal and in-patient children's services. Health chiefs say the current system is 'unsustainable'.

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Plaid's cautious welcome for Labour hospital campaigners

The campaign to ensure safe NHS services as close to people’s homes as possible should be broad-based. A proper community campaign which can unite all of us who have concerns about the loss of services from the Royal Glamorgan Hospital and further centralisation would be the best way ahead.

A Labour minister, with a direct voice in the government that is making these changes is in a good position to halt these proposals now. If the plans are not halted, then I would imagine that big questions as to whether this is political posturing are bound to be asked. Plaid Cymru will work with anyone who is interested in fighting to save local services at hospitals like the Royal Glamorgan. We very much hope that the fight will be a successful one – failure is not an option when lives could be put at risk

– Leanne Wood, Plaid Cymru leader

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