Public transport 'should be more devolved

A committee of Assembly Members have said that Wales should have more power to control public transport.

Power to control transport in Wales

A committee of Assembly Members has said that the Welsh Government should have the power to control the regulation of buses and more of a say in our rail networks in order to provide an easy and seamless public transport system.

The Enterprise and Business Committee was told that there is a 'silent problem' of transport poverty across Wales with a quarter of all households without a car. 1.5 million people are isolated and unable to access key services because of inadequate transport, particularly in rural areas.

The Committee believes that people in Wales should be able to use a simple and seamless integrated public transport system for whatever purpose, be it popping to the local shop or travelling across Wales for an important appointment.

There needs to be a greater emphasis on pressing travel operators to work together with stakeholders to co-ordinate timetables, connect services and publish real time information for bus, rail and community transport networks.

– Nick Ramsay AM, Chair of the Enterprise and Business Committee

The Committee's report calls for the devolution of powers controlling rail and bus services to assist the Welsh Government in improving the system.

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