New panel to curb council pay

The Welsh Government is to set up an independent panel to set the salaries of top council officers after an opposition threat to derail important legislation

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  1. Adrian Masters

Labour and opposition in vote deal talks

The Welsh Government could be forced to take steps to cap the pay of local council chief executives or face defeat over important legislation. I understand the Local Government Minister is holding talks with all three opposition parties to try to secure a majority in the Senedd.

Plaid Cymru AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas, with the support of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, has tabled an amendment to the Welsh Government's Local Democracy Bill to limit the salaries of senior council officers. When the opposition parties unite, Labour doesn't have enough votes to defeat them.

In separate meetings, the opposition parties have told Lesley Griffiths they'll vote the bill down if it doesn't include provisions on Chief Executives' pay. They've been led to believe that she's now looking for a form of words that at least one of the other parties could support.

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