Mumps outbreak warning

Public Health Wales is warning of an increase in mumps cases because thousands of young people remain unvaccinated with MMR.

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What is mumps?

Public Health Wales issues the following information on mumps:

  • An acute viral illness, only known to affect humans
  • Transmitted by direct contact with saliva or droplets from saliva of infected person
  • One or both of parotid salivary glands (near ears) swell up and become painful
  • Around one-third of people infected develop no symptoms
  • Most cases are mild, but when complications occur they can be serious
  • Can be caught at any age
  • Having it once usually confers lifelong immunity to catching it again
  • Measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) immunisation protects over 95% of children
  • Current schedule recommends one dose to be given at around 13 months, and a second dose at between 3-5 years

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