Healthcare plans 'inconsistent'

The system for providing people with continuing healthcare is still a cause for concern, according to a report by the Auditor General for Wales.

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Decisions 'inconsistent' across Wales on free care

The auditor general for Wales says the Welsh Government has a backlog of challenges over care cost decisions. Credit: PA

People in Wales who need Continuing Health Care are still being let down by the system according to a report released today by the auditor general for Wales. It claims progress in dealing with a backlog of challenges over eligibility for care continues to be a cause for concern.

When someone is eligible for Continuing Health Care the NHS funds the full package, including any care home fees. His report makes several recommendations to the Welsh Government which includes creating a national board to ensure all retrospective claims are processed efficiently and consistently.

The auditor says it's "essential" that people are treated failrly and consistenly across Wales when those decisions are made.

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