Council attacks 'lack of progress' on Cwmcarn High School decision

Caerphilly County Borough Council is accusing the governing body of Cwmcarn High School of taking too long to make a decision on when work to remove asbestos from the site should begin.

In April, the council announced that the school would reopen, with pupils taught in temporary accommodation on the site while the work is carried out.

The school was closed in October 2012 after the discovery of the material within the school buildings.

I would like to assure the school community that we are ready to move quickly as soon as a decision is made, but we are becoming increasingly frustrated by the school’s lack of progress and it now seems we must wait until next week for a decision to be made.

Time is fast running out and I would urge the school leadership to take decisive action before we miss our window of opportunity to get the work done in time,” he added.

– Nigel Barnett, Acting Chief Executive, Caerphilly County Borough Council