Virtual 'Hole in the World' to unite rugby fans

Ex-Wales player Martyn Williams Credit: Mike Egerton/EMPICS Sport

Rugby fans in Wales and Australia will unite today through a virtual 'Hole in the World'. The hole, built by Microsoft, will celebrate the British & Irish Lions Tour which is taking place in Australia. The hole will allow Lions fans and Australia fans to interact live, from both sides of the earth.

Former Wallabies player Michael Lynagh Credit: Ross Kinnaird/EMPICS Sport

Lions fans will be able to see the hole in Queen Street, Cardiff. For those in Autralia, Federation Square in Melbourne is where the hole can be seen. Ex-Wales star Martyn Williams and former Wallabies player Michael Lynagh will be among the first to experience the Hole in the World.

The two rugby aces will be leading challenges aimed at stoking the rivalry between the Lions and the Wallabies by testing the devotion of fans either side of the planet. The hole will be live until the 29th June.

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