Share of spending up

Treasury figures reveal how Wales gets some protection from spending cuts but did not get the full benefit of big increases in the past.

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  1. Nick Powell

Welsh share of spending goes up

Figures released by the Treasury show that the process that has given the Welsh Government slightly smaller increases in funds than equivalent Whitehall departments has stopped. In fact it has gone into reverse, putting Wales more than 15% above England in terms of spending per head.

  • 2011/12 15.0% more than in England
  • 2012/13 14.6% more than in England
  • 2013/14 15.1% more than in England
  • 2014/15 15.5% more than in England
  • 2015/16 15.8% more than in England

The Barnett Formula, invented to slowly bring Welsh public spending in line with England's, worked on the assumption that overall expenditure would keep going up. Now instead of restricting the Welsh share of any increase, it will limit the share of cuts.

The figures have been released under an agreement between the Welsh Government and the Treasury to monitor the figures for any return of the 'Barnett squeeze' on Welsh spending.

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