Wales tax powers speculation

The Welsh Secretary dampens speculation that an announcement on transferring borrowing and some tax powers to Wales is imminent

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"A great step forward" to Welsh tax powers says Finance Minister

Welsh Finance Minister Jane Hutt says she's putting her "trust and confidence" in today's statement from the Treasury that the UK Government will devolve tax-raising and borrowing powers to the Welsh Government.

It's a great step forward, it is a recognition and as Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary [to the Treasury] said, the final step to enable us to get those economic and financial levers to help us boost our economy. Today it is clear that the UK Government and the Treasury in particular wants to devolve this. Let's get over this little step in terms of consultation and then let's get the announcement.

– Finance Minister Jane Hutt AM

Ms Hutt said she was sure that the consultation on whether to devolve Stamp Duty, which is levied on property sales, would lead to that tax being included.

We have already consulted on stamp on Stamp Duty ... [the housebuilders] were up for both -devolve and reform Stamp Duty.

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