Remains of Roman temple found in the Conwy Valley

Silver coins and slate were also found at the site Credit: Trisgell Television Company

The remains of a Roman temple have been found in the Conwy Valley by a television film crew working on a new archaeology series.

A group of archaeologists were digging at the site on Llwydfaen Farm, looking for what they believed was a lost Norman church. But after removing the turf and dust from the foundations, the team discovered that it was the remains of a much older building.

The producer of the archaeological series, Morgan Hopkins, said: "I was quite certain that we would discover a Norman church in Llwydfaen but it became obvious as we were digging and from the discoveries that this was a Roman building.

"We discovered six silver Roman coins, countless pieces of slate and Roman nails as well as pieces of Roman pottery. The most probable explanation is that there was a temple here, built in the fourth century, but it's definitely unique here in Wales."

It's believed the site is unique in Wales Credit: Trisgell Television Company