Newport mural demolition

Hundreds of people have protested about the demolition of an historic chartist mural in Newport. The Council have removed it as part of a shopping centre development.

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Demolition of Newport Chartist Mural begins

Work to demolish the Chartist Mural has begun. Credit: Save Newport Art

The controversial demolition of an historic artwork in Newport has begun today.

The mural commemorates the 1839 Chartist uprising.

It is a mosaic of 200,000 pieces of tile and glass, in a subway off John Frost Square - named after the rebellion's leader.

The demolition has begun two days before campaigners plan to stage a demonstration against its removal in the city centre.

It is being pulled down to make way for a new shopping centre.

Thousands of people signed a petition to save it.

Newport City Council has said the cost of moving the mural is not economically viable.

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