Fall in driving test numbers

Recent Welsh Government figures show the number of learners taking driving tests fell by 6,000 last year. The report says the decline is due to the cost of learning to get behind the wheel.

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The facts & figures of driving in Wales

Welsh Government figures have been release about the Welsh and their driving habits - here are some statistics:

  • 21% of households don't own a car, 44% have one car and 34% own two
  • 82% of men had a driving licence; compared with 68% of women
  • 66,000 driving tests were sat in 2011-12 - 24% lower than 2006-07
  • 227,000 - the number of disabled parking badges issued in 2011
  • Disadvantages of travelling by car are: cost, congestion, expense and parking
  • Around half of car users have not thought of using public transport as an alternative

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