Measles outbreak report out

A Public Health Wales report has been published into the measles outbreak, which centred on Swansea. The outbreak started in November 2012 and didn't end until July. The report recommends measures to help prevent a future outbreak.

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Measles: Authorities 'must work to eradicate infection'

A review into Wales' biggest measles outbreak says authorities still need to do more to eradicate the infection, which began in 2012.

Here's what you need to know:

  • There were originally only four cases of measles found in November last year
  • 1,202 people contracted the infection, 88 were hospitalised and one person died
  • During the outbreak period, 77,805 vaccines were administered
  • Two doses of the MMR are 99% effective in protecting against measles
  • It is believed 42,000 Welsh children are still not protected against the infection
  • Swansea and Port Talbot have the highest record of cases between 2012-13

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