Measles outbreak report out

A Public Health Wales report has been published into the measles outbreak, which centred on Swansea. The outbreak started in November 2012 and didn't end until July. The report recommends measures to help prevent a future outbreak.

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Public Health Wales: Measles is a 'serious illness'

The director of health protection for Public Health Wales has described measles as a 'serious illness', adding: "No parent or young person should believe it cannot happen to them."

The report into the outbreak shows how four cases of measles contracted by children from Wales visiting a holiday camp in England became more than 1,200 cases in the space of eight months.

The only guarantee against catching measles is receiving the full two doses of the MMR vaccine, and while we have 30,000 children and young people still needing vaccination, we can't assume we will not see further outbreaks of this scale.

– Dr Marion Lyons, Public Health Wales

One person died and 88 were admitted to hospital during the outbreak.

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