Archbishop 'delighted' to support gay & lesbian service

Dr Barry Morgan is a supporter of Wales' gay and lesbian community Credit: Barry Batchelor/PA Wire

The Archbishop of Wales will be a guest of honour this year at a Christmas carol service organised by the South Wales Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (LGCM).

Dr Barry Morgan said he was 'delighted' to support the fundraiser, adding: "Christmas is a time when we remember that God made all people in his own image and loves us all.

"Christ was born in a stable to parents who were refugees and he spent his life with those on the fringes of society or who were victimised because of what they were, and challenging those in authority. I think this is still a relevant message for today.”

As well as carols and readings, the service will include performances from the South Wales Gay Men’s Chorus and women’s choir The Songbirds.

Janet Jeffries, spokesperson for LGCM, said: “We are very honoured that the Archbishop has agreed to attend our Christmas carols at what must be a very busy time of year for him.

"We very much appreciate the support he has shown to the lesbian and gay community, both at this event and by opening the Cardiff Mardi Gras earlier this year.”