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It’s the wonder of Wales - full of fresh air, glorious landscapes and stunning scenery. The series celebrates our countryside and the people who live, work and play in it.

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Catch-up: Coast & Country episode 5

In this episode:

Andrew Price heads to Anglesey where he harvests, cleans and cooks mussels on the banks of the Menai Strait.

Showing him how it’s done is Shaun Krijnen from Menai Oysters, a shellfish farmer who has been growing mussels and oysters for 13 years. Fantastic food in a beautiful location.

Mynydd Cilan is Ruth Wignall’s destination this week as she continues her journey along the Wales Coast Path.

She’s joined by Dave Lamacraft from Plantlife Cymru. He knows this landscape and it’s plants inside out having spent hours walking the rugged heathland. They also visit the site of a trial mine apparently dug by Cornish miners searching for Manganese.

Nicola Hendy takes to the waters of Llandegfedd Reservoir on a Stand-Up Paddleboard under the guidance of Mike Walking from Gwent Adventures. It’s not long until she’s off paddling around the reservoir, relaxing and enjoying the scenery as she goes.

Safety is a very important consideration when learning, so ensure you train with a qualified instructor. [


The history chef and Carl Edwards head to Kidwelly Castle to cook cherry pottage.

They also discover the legend of Princess Gwenllian from head custodian Sonja Brown.

The Cadw website has the latest opening times for the Castle and the other sites visited throughout the series.

The recipe for the pottage made in the programme is as follows:

Cherry Pottage

Modern version

900g ripe red cherries

1.5 cups red wine (non alcoholic can be used)

3/4 cup of honey or raw sugar

4 tbsp butter

1 cup of breadcrumbs

Flower heads of clove pinks

Sugar or honey

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