Welsh Govt defends cardiac surgery over 'hypocrisy' charge

The Welsh Government says it's taking steps to speed up treatment for heart patients. It follows criticism of cardiac surgery waiting times from the Royal College of Surgeons and from the Prime Minister.

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Welsh Government accused of 'cynicism and hypocrisy' over private heart surgery deal

Welsh Conservatives are accusing the Health Minister of 'cynicism and hypocrisy' after giving the go-ahead for hospital chiefs to buy in cardiac surgery services from a private hospital in Bristol.

The contract for 'the provision of Cardiac Surgery Services' will last until the end of September 2014.

It comes on the day the Royal College of Surgeons criticised waiting times for heart operations in Wales.

Shadow Health Minister Darren Millar says,

This is an admission that there are severe problems in meeting the demand for cardiac services in Wales and that the Royal College of Surgeons is right that patients are dying waiting too long for treatment.

The Royal College of Surgeons first raised these concerns six months ago and Labour Ministers simply sat on their hands.

Yet on the very day that the Royal College of Surgeons raises further concerns in the media, the Welsh Labour Government slips out information about a contract with a private hospital in Bristol, despite its previous ideological pledge to keep the independent sector out of the NHS.

This is the height of cynicism and hypocrisy and shows that this lazy Labour Government has to be shamed into acting in the best interests of patients.

– Darren Millar AM, Shadow Health MInister

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