Parents in Wales least ashamed to ask for financial help

Just 1 out of every 10 parents in Wales feel ashamed asking for help with money problems.

According to a survey by Action for Children, that's less than the UK average, where 1 in 5 feel embarrassed to seek financial help.

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Action for Children: 'Parents forced to seek financial help'

One in ten parents in Wales say they're comfortable asking for help with money problems.

The figures come from a survey by Action for Children.

But according to the charity, that's not necessarily good news.

Although it appears encouraging that parents in Wales are more willing to seek out financial advice rather than their counterparts in England, these results reflect the greater need for financial assistance across the nation.

Wales has some of the highest levels of poverty and deprivation in the UK, and we believe that Welsh parents are being forced to seek financial help out of necessity, rather than out of choice.

– Brigitte Gater, Action for Children / Gweithredu dros blant

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