Where next for devolution?

The second report of the Silk Commission, set up by the UK Government to look at further devolution to Wales, is published. After recommending tax and borrowing powers, the Commission's been looking at possible additional areas of responsibility.

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Charity welcomes new speed limit proposals

Proposed new powers to set Welsh national default speed limits in Wales have the potential to make Welsh roads safer and increase levels of walking and cycling, according to Sustrans Cymru.

The proposals were set out in the second report into the future of Welsh devolution, which sets out all the powers it thinks should be transferred from Westminster to Cardiff Bay over the next 10 years.

Some of those powers include control of youth justice and teachers' pay.

The Welsh Government does not yet have control over setting speed limits Credit: ITV News Wales

The Welsh Government does not currently have the power to set default speed limits.

National Director of Sustrans Cymru, Jane Lorimer, said, “The power to set speed limits is a key part of the jigsaw in making Welsh roads safer, as well as increasing walking and cycling.

"We welcome the Silk Commission’s recommendation and hope that it can be used to make 20mph the default speed limit in communities across Wales."

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