Cardiff Council proposes 'to let' sign limits in Cathays

Cardiff Council is seeking powers from the Welsh Government that would allow it to limit the number of signs from letting agents in parts of the city.

The council says it has evidence that the high number of 'to let' signs in the Cathays and Plasnewydd areas - which are popular locations for student housing - have a "detrimental" effect.

This was in response to problems highlighted by Cathays Ward Members who had expressed ongoing concern about the detrimental cumulative effect of the signs on the amenity of the area.

The report highlighted limitations in the Council’s ability to take enforcement action within the bounds of current legislation, and also outlined that attempts to control the problem through voluntary agreements with estate agents and letting agencies had not succeeded.

– Cardiff Council spokesperson

The council wants to apply to the Planning Minister to use a 'Regulation 7 Direction' that would allow to it control when boards are put up and the format they take.