Police warning over 'lost' golden eagle in Carmarthenshire

Cyclists on a Carmarthenshire hillside have had a close encounter with a tame golden eagle that is believed to have escaped from captivity.

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How rare is the golden eagle in the UK?

The golden eagle has no natural predators, with its main threat coming from humans who poison or shoot it.

  • The golden eagle last bred in Wales during the 18th century, after which hunting made it extinct.
  • Most of the UK's breeding pairs are in Scotland (more than 400 in 2003), although some have been reintroduced to Ireland in recent years.
The golden eagle became extinct over much of central Europe during the 19th century Credit: Press Association
  • The birds can have a wingspan of more than 2 metres.
  • The golden eagle has a varied diet and will prey on a variety of creatures depending on their habitat. In Scotland, they target hares and grouse, and seabirds in coastal areas.

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