Dafydd Elis-Thomas sacked

Former Plaid Cymru leader Dafydd Elis-Thomas has lost two jobs as a committee chair and party spokesman following his criticism of the anti-UKIP stance taken by the party's leader Leanne Wood

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  1. Adrian Masters

Elis-Thomas concerned about party direction

In this extract from my interview with Dafydd Elis Thomas following his sacking he explains why he was so opposed to the anti-UKIP criticism by his party's leader Leanne Wood. It was that opposition, and his public expression of it, which led to the action she's now taken against him.

He also says that he only became aware that Leanne Wood was planning to use the term 'un-Welsh' about UKIP's policies in her leader's speech to Plaid Cymru's conference when he read it on the ITV Cymru Wales website.

In the event, she didn't use the term and sources close to her say it was explained to him at the weekend that the term and the speech referred to 'values not nationality.'

Lord Elis-Thomas rejects my suggestion that the underlying reason for his opposition is that he has never been reconciled to Leanne Wood's leadership, saying 'it's not a matter of who the leader is; it's where the leadership is taking us.'

He says that direction should be focussed on improving devolution following the Silk Commission's report rather than making negative attacks on other parties.

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