Dafydd Elis-Thomas sacked

Former Plaid Cymru leader Dafydd Elis-Thomas has lost two jobs as a committee chair and party spokesman following his criticism of the anti-UKIP stance taken by the party's leader Leanne Wood

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  1. Adrian Masters

Elis-Thomas' inevitable meeting

I understand that the meeting between Leanne Wood and Dafydd Elis-Thomas took place in the Assembly last night. The last time they'd had a similar meeting was when she restored the party whip to him after he'd failed to join Plaid members in a confidence vote against the former Health Minister.

At that earlier meeting I'm told it was made clear to Lord Elis-Thomas what was expected of him if he wanted to keep his committee chair and that that didn't include making publicly critical comments of the kind he made at the weekend,all of which meant last night's meeting had become inevitable.

Sources close to the leadership say a number of conference delegates had criticised his comments, saying they'd been a distraction and had undermined morale. There's been no official response yet from Dafydd Elis-Thomas, but in and outside Plaid, a lot of people are waiting to see what he does next.

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