New alcohol report "a wake up call" for Wales

A new report into the dangers of alcohol related brain damage has been labelled a "wake up call" by charity Alcohol Concern Cymru.

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Alcohol related brain damage 'affects young people'

The director of drinks charity Alcohol Concern Cymru has said his organisation is seeing younger people being affected by alcohol related brain damage, or ARBD.

Andrew Misell says a much wider range of people, not just the stereotype of the "homeless, dependent drinker", are suffering with the disorder.

His comments come following the release of a paper which suggests ARBD is poorly understood by both the public and health care professionals.

"...when alcohol-related brain damage is on the radar, the focus is often on older street drinkers. But staff on the front line have been seeing younger people, and other people who don't fit the stereotype of a homeless dependent drinker, coming in with ARBD. Once again, our willingness to see alcohol problems as someone else's problem, confined to an extreme group of obvious drinkers, is keeping us from seeing the elephant on our doorstep. We hope this paper will be a wake-up call for all of us who drink."

– Andrew Misell, Alcohol Concern Cymru Director

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