Budget 2014: What does it mean for Wales?

Chancellor George Osborne confirms the Wales Bill relating to tax and borrowing powers for the Welsh Government will be published tomorrow.

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  1. Adrian Masters

Plaid warns of 'spreadsheet recovery'

Plaid Cymru front bench team Credit: ITV News, Adrian Masters

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood assembled her front bench team to call for a UK budget that would help families. Ahead of the Chancellor's budget on Wednesday, Ms Wood warned of the danger of a 'spreadsheet recovery,' one that looks good on paper but isn't felt by people 'on the ground.'

Economy spokesperson Rhun ap Iorwerth called for an 'Economic Fairness Act' to correct what he said was an imbalanced economy which is seeing growth in the south-east of England but not in other parts of the UK.

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