Welsh Govt 'lacks long-term vision' for schools

A major review from the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development says the Welsh Government 'lacks a long-term vision' for the school system. It warns that there have been too many recent reforms, and teachers need more support.

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NUT: Welsh education report needs to be 'digested fully'

The National Union of Teachers in Wales says a report into the education system in Wales "will need to be digested fully in time."

The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development found the Welsh Government "lacks a long-term vision" for the school system.

This is a comprehensive report that will need to be digested fully in time. However there are some very clear recommendations that chime with what NUT Cymru have been saying for some time.

There is a recognised need to ensure greater access to continued professional development for teachers and to ensure a longer-term approach to education reforms in Wales.

The sector has to be given better support in delivering new initiatives and those new initiatives have to be less knee-jerk in their formation.

In fairness these are points I believe the Education Minister did identify in his Reform, Rigour and Respect speech last year. What we must see now is action to address these concerns.

The report also highlights concerns with existing policies such the literacy and numeracy tests and the impact they have in narrowing the curriculum, as well as the way school banding is operating.

Given the OECD’s focus on school-to-school support, something we know is a key driver in educational attainment, it may be worth putting the legitimacy of these and other existing policies back under consideration.

– Owen Hathway, Wales Policy Officer, National Union of Teachers

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