Welsh Govt 'lacks long-term vision' for schools

A major review from the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development says the Welsh Government 'lacks a long-term vision' for the school system. It warns that there have been too many recent reforms, and teachers need more support.

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Welsh Government: 'We are heading in right direction'

The Welsh Government says the OECD's report shows that "the direction of travel we've set is the right one" in terms of improving education in Wales.

Education Minister Huw Lewis said he takes on board a number of recommendations - and that the call for a smaller number of long-term objectives is "sound."

I welcome the report's findings and am heartened that we're already doing much of what has been recommended as part of our reform of education standards in Wales. It's good to see that the direction of travel we've set is the right one.

I was particularly encouraged to see the sentence which says - 'Welsh schools are also positive learning environments with good teacher-student relations and classrooms conducive to learning.' That's good news.

I take on board the recommendations which call for improvements to teacher training and Continuing Professional Development. I agree with the need for stronger school to school collaboration; improved school leadership and raising the esteem in which out teachers are held. These are central to our school improvement agenda.

The call for a small number of clear, long-term objectives is sound. I whole heartedly agree that we should have high expectations all of our leaners, regardless of their background, if they are to gain the skills and qualifications they need to succeed in life.

We know the challenges we face in Wales, the report provides no surprises in that regard.

My overall goal for education in Wales is simple. I want to make sure that every child and young person has a world class education and can then go on and compete within the global market. Anything less than this is simply unacceptable.

– Huw Lewis, Education Minister

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