World's fastest blind biker to raise funds for veterans

Billy Baxter is the world's fastest blind motorcyclist. Credit: Blind Veterans UK

A daredevil Army veteran living in Llandudno holds the world record for being the fastest blind motorcyclist.

And Billy Baxter is calling on bikers from across the country to rev up and support vision-impaired military veterans.

Billy set himself the challenge of getting back into motorcycling after going blind. With the help of outriders who communicate with him over radio, Billy has become the world’s first blind motorcycle stunt driver.

At Donington Park, in front of 35,000 people, he also set the new blind land-speed record of 164.87mph.

Now, Billy is calling on bikers to sign up to Ride for Life Beyond Sight Loss, a 340-mile rally to raise money for Blind Veterans UK, the charity which helped him regain his independence after he lost his sight.

Billy in his army years. Credit: Blind Veterans UK

A former Royal Artillery Staff Sergeant, Billy lost his sight in 1997 after a rare virus destroyed his optic nerves

"A lifelong biker, Billy says, “Biking has always been a huge part of my life – from learning to ride on a cut-down scooter in a field as a teenager to running reconnaissance missions of gun positions on a military bike when I was in the Army.

"Bikers have big hearts and the biking community has no idea how important they were to me when I was coming to terms with sight loss. The whole biking ethos – community, achievement, doing what you love, no matter what – was an integral part of my healing process."

Places for Ride for Life Beyond Sight Loss are currently available for a registration fee of £15 per rider. The event kicks off in Llandudno on Saturday 26th July.

Click here to sign up for Ride for Life Beyond Sight Loss.