Mephedrone warning as patients in critical condition

There are warnings tonight against taking mephedrone. It comes are three people have been admitted to hospital after taking the drug. Two of those admitted are in a critical condition and in intensive care.

"Three people from the Swansea area have been admitted to hospital following recent consumption of Mephedrone. Two patients are critically ill on an intensive care ward.

“Further laboratory investigations are underway to establish the possibility of bacterial contamination of the drug, or contamination with a chemical cutting agent.

“We are working with colleagues in Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board, Cardiff Toxicology Laboratory, South Wales Police and Public Health England.

“It is very important from a public health perspective that any individual using or considering use is aware of the dangers associated with Mephedrone, particularly of taking this drug over prolonged periods or in high quantities.

“Users experiencing physical and/or psychological problems are encouraged to stop use and seek medical help as soon as possible.”

– Dr Jorg Hoffmann, Public Health Wales