Pride of lions arrives at Pembrokeshire zoo

A pride of African Lions has arrived at a Pembrokeshire zoo.

Lioness Luna, her four cubs and lion Hugo are now settling into their new £500,000 purpose-built home.

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Pride of lions arrives at Pembrokeshire zoo

The lions arrived at Folly Farm on Tuesday and have been spending time getting used to their surroundings Credit: Folly Farm

A zoo in Pembrokeshire is welcoming Wales' first ever pride of African lions.

The pride, which is made up of one adult male, and a family of lionesses and juvenile lions have made the journey from Longleat Safari Park to Folly Farm, helping to make the attraction a flagship exhibit for Wales.

The arrival of the pride marks the completion of a £500,000 project to build a purpose-built two acre enclosure for the lions.

Male lion Hugo heads the pride Credit: Folly Farm

The lion's new enclosure is made up of four dens/bedrooms, and from today, visitors will be able to come and see them.

Alongside the lion house there is an education centre, themed as a fully-equipped ranger's hut. It will provide visitors with information on African lions, and the work carried out to monitor and protect them.

It's estimated the numbers of African lions in the wild have declined by as much as 30% in the last ten years.

"The new lion enclosure at Folly Farm is extremely impressive. When I was given a tour of the flagship exhibit I was overwhelmed by the great deal of thought that has gone into every aspect of the design of the enclosure.

It is an enclosure that Folly Farm should be very proud of and I know that our lions will be very happy to make it their new home."

– Jon Cracknell, Director of Animal Operations, Longleat Safari Park

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