Researchers launch buoy to measure wave energy

The buoy is loaded on to Swansea University’s research vessel. Credit: Swansea University

Swansea scientists have launched a research buoy to measure the strength of waves four miles off St Govans Head in Pembrokeshire.

The Directional Waverider buoy will measure wave height and direction in an initial year-long project to work out how much energy is stored in the waves off Wales.

The buoy is launched into the sea off St Govans Head. Credit: Swansea University

Data collected will be used to inform decisions about whether it is feasible to convert this energy into renewable electrical power, via off-shore arrays.

Throughout the project duration, the public can also view the live buoy data online, through the Cefas WaveNet website.

“The marine energy industry in Wales is really starting to take off. This research buoy will allow us to refine our oceanographic models of the area, to inform where the best sites are that can be used by technology to harness our wave energy resource.

“This work will also further contribute to The Crown Estate’s recently designated South Pembrokeshire Demonstration zone, as the primary deployment site in Wales for wave energy converters.”

– Dr Ian Masters Principal investigator