More people die from the cold than road accidents

Figures out today show more people in Wales die because of the cold than road accidents. The figures show more people die in the winter than at any other time of the year. Fighting Fuel Poverty campaign is being launched this week to raise awareness and help tackle fuel poverty.

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The cold weather causes more deaths than road accidents

More people die because of the cold weather than traffic accidents every year in Wales.

That's according to the organisation Care & Repair Cymru.

Older people are more at risk from the cold weather Credit: PA

It says the most vulnerable people are not getting access to schemes such as the winter fuel allowance.

The launch of the Fighting Fuel Poverty campaign aims to raise awareness about excess winter deaths and encourage people to use schemes available to them.

In 2012/13 there were almost 2,000 excess winter deaths in Wales. The majority occurred among those aged 75 and over. This simply isn’t good enough.

Many older people have difficult decisions to make about whether to heat their home or eat – the situation really is that bad for many older people across Wales.

– Chris Jones, CEO of Care & Repair Cymru
Care and Repair Cymru say some people have to chose between heating and eating Credit: PA

Care & Repair Cymru is also urging better off pensioners who don’t need their winter fuel allowance to donate it to those who are in real need.

The campaign runs from the 20th-27th of October.

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