Call centre worker docked £50 wages for toilet breaks

Call centre staff are being hit with a "toilet tax" for leaving their desks to use the lavatory at work, MPs have heard. Labour's Madeleine Moon told the Commons one of her constituents in Bridgend found he had lost £50 from his monthly pay for "toilet visits".

Credit: PA

Ms Moon said it appeared staff were being "fined" for comfort breaks despite being provided with "copious amounts of water" by their firm to keep their voices lubricated while speaking to customers on the phone.

Commons Leader William Hague acknowledged the proposal to debate the issue was a "new proposition" for the chamber.

Speaking during business questions, Mrs Moon asked, "Can we have a debate on the toilet tax?"

Mr Hague replied, "If it was a widespread issue or problem there might well be demand for this in the House but I hope you're able to resolve this for your constituents without us having to debate it on the floor of the House."