AMs vote in favour of bill to tackle domestic violence

The landmark bill - intended to tackle gender based violence and improve support for victims - has been passed after AMs were given last-minute assurances that it would do more to ensure schools tackle the issues it covers.

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Deal means AMs will back violence bill

The opposition parties in the Assembly have issued a joint statement confirming that they will not try to block the Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Bill when the final vote on the legislation takes place in the Senedd this afternoon.

The Conservatives, Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats had all been backing calls from the Violence Against Women Coalition for more to be done to ensure that schools tackle the issues covered in the bill. As the Labour has no overall majority, the government faced losing the entire bill if opposition AMs all voted against.

Last minute talks secured the passage of the bill after the Minister for Public Services, Leighton Andrews, gave various assurances, which he set out in a letter to Plaid Cymru's Jocelyn Davies.

I have been very grateful for the opportunities to discuss with you how we might further strengthen the educational guidance resulting from the ... Bill.

– Public Services Minister Leighton Andrews AM

The changes won will improve the Bill dramatically. These concessions would not have been achieved without Plaid Cymru, and the other opposition parties, taking a stand to force the Government’s hand. By demanding better from the Welsh Government, we have delivered a Bill that will make a real difference.

– Plaid Cymru Spokesperson on women and children jocelyn davies am

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