Election 2015: Results for Wales

The General Election 2015 results are in for Wales.

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Lib Dems: 'Imagine we'll take a hit in Pontypridd'

By James Crichton-Smith, Pontypridd

Mike Powell, Lib Dem candidate, said on arrival at the count tonight that he is "feeling tired" after "a long campaign".

He said there had been a lot of positives on the streets and not many negatives.

Mr Powell added: "It's just a case of seeing what decision has been made on the ballot. It's difficult after five years in a coalition government. Difficult decisions have been made and a lot of pain inflicted, not because we wanted to do it but because it needed to be done."

When asked about his expectations for tonight's result, he said: "I'm not going to second-guess the count. I imagine we're going to take a hit. We're nothing if not resilient in the Valleys. We'll pick ourselves up tomorrow, dust ourselves down and start again."

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