Clinic test numbers rise amid tattoo concerns

Health bosses say 651 people who used a piercing and tattoo studio in Newport have now attended clinic appointments for precautionary health checks.

Concerns were raised after five people with serious skin infections were treated as hospital in-patients.

The confirmed cases could also indicate a low risk of transmission of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C and an extremely low risk of HIV transmission for all clients of these premises.

A blood test to check for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV has been offered.

The local health board says clinic slots are still available and health staff are encouraging anyone that has had a procedure carried out at the premises to come forward for the test.

We are delighted with the response so far to our call for people to come forward for testing. This response is a credit to the hard work of professional NHS staff at clinics and on helplines. They are ready to help and to listen, and the blood test they are offering is quick and easy. It could really help to put minds at rest

If you think you had a tattoo or a piercing at the shop in question, or if you have missed an appointment at one of our helpful clinics, please call 02920 402528 to speak to a member of our staff who can help you.

– Heather Lewis, Consultant Public Health Wales