Queen presents new colours to the Royal Welsh

The Queen is in Cardiff today to present the Royal Welsh with new colours in a formal ceremony at the Millennium Stadium.

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Saluting soldier hits child in face as Queen passes

A saluting soldier accidentally hit a six-year-old girl in the face just after she had presented the Queen with flowers on a visit to Cardiff.

The Queen is given flowers by six-year-old Maisie Gregory just before the accident. Credit: PA

The Queen was given the posy by little Maisie Gregory as she attended a Colours Parade for the Royal Welsh Regiment at the Millennium Stadium.

Watch: The soldier knocks off the Welsh hat of the six-year-old in a saluting mishap:

As the Queen walked out of the room, a soldier standing next to Maisie saluted and accidentally struck her head with his gloved hand.

Maisie Gregory with her family after the mishap. Credit: Army Wales

Regimental Sergeant Major Martin Gregory said, "Maisie is absolutely fine. She was very excited to meet the Queen and there was a slight mishap. But she's quickly forgotten about it and we've had such a great day."

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