M4 speed cameras generate half a million pounds

M4 at Port Talbot Credit: ITV Wales

Speed cameras on the M4 in Port Talbot have generated more than £500,000 in fines within six months.

The two mile stretch of motorway is covered by average speed cameras and operators 'GoSafe' said there were around 50 offences every day, a "small proportion" of the 75,000 vehicles using the road.

Manager Chris Hulme insisted that the cameras are there to ensure road safety, not make money.

However campaign group Safe Speed argues cameras are not necessarily the best way to get motorists to slow down:

Speed cameras have never been proved to reduce speeds, the courses have no proof that they make drivers drive better, and it's taking money back with those grants, back to the people who are funding the speed cameras, so that they can produce more speed cameras."

– Claire Armstrong, Safe Speed

On Sunday, a police boss in North Wales argued that speed cameras should not be seen as revenue raisers.