Wales Space Strategy formally launched

Llanbedr is one of eight sites identified for a possible spaceport. Credit: Department of Transport

Wales' new Space Strategy will be launched today at the UK Space Conference.

The conference is being held in Liverpool and it will give Welsh companies the chance to showcase their talent.

Optical solar reflectors, earth observation systems and satellite solar cells are some of the services and products that come from Wales.

The space industry is a growing sector in Wales and we already have significant academic and industry capabilities in this area.

Wales’ aerospace, electronics and software industries collectively employ over 50,000 people and contribute over £5billion to the economy.

With the global space sector set to grow to £400 billion by 2030, our presence at this event will be used to promote the vast and diverse aerospace skills and supply chain we have in Wales, explore research and business growth opportunities and show potential investors why we are a serious contender in this area

– Edwina Hart AM, Economy, Science and Transport Minister