Pilgrimage for Dic Penderyn

25 people came to remember Penderyn Credit: Emily Gadd/ITV Cymru Wales

The man known as 'Dic Penderyn' will be commemorated today in Aberavon. Twenty five people took part in the walk from Pyle to St Mary's Church in Aberavon.

Penderyn was a Welsh miner who was hanged nearly 200 years ago. He was sentenced to death for stabbing a solider in the Merthyr uprising of 1831.

At that time people protested his innocence, and the case has been cited as a grave miscarriage of justice for generations.

St Mary's Church, Aberavon Credit: Emily Gadd/ITV Cymru Wales

ITV Wales Cymru news has been shown a letter of support, from Penderyn's relatives, over a call for a posthumous pardon.

Support for calls for a posthumous pardon Credit: Emily Gadd/ITV Cymru Wales